Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014, Our Emerald Year ...

Our Emerald Year…
This year, Emerald City FC celebrates its 35th year and, appropriately enough, the gemstone associated with the 35th anniversary is…the emerald.  So, 2014 is the Our Emerald Year at ECFC and we are committed to making it our best year ever.  The strength of our club is showing in every way: our numbers are growing, our teams are winning, our players are developing, our programs are tremendously successful.

 We recently announced a partnership with a Serie A (Italy’s top league) team, UC Sampdoria of Genoa.  This will bring new training opportunities and a new international presence in our city to further enrich the culture of not only our club but the larger soccer community around us.  A new website and new uniforms are also in store for 2014.  Our residence camp returns to Fort Casey August 15-17—a great event (mark your calendars—everyone should plan to attend!).

By every measure, Emerald City FC is a shining example of what can happen when you combine the most talented coaches, the most dedicated parents and the most committed players and focus all of that energy on to a guiding principle of proper player development.  Emerald City FC sets itself apart in many ways, but above all things, we boast the best coaches and best development philosophy in the region—hands down.  Accordingly, as we move forward into 2014, we will continue to embrace a single standard: excellence—in all things.  So, cheers to all and may everyone shine during Our Emerald Year.

Bill Walsh
Executive Vice President
Emerald City FC