Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brent Bishop, father of Emerald City FC player Reed, preparing to ascend Mount Everest

M97 player Reed Bishop’s family has a long history with Mount Everest. His grandfather led one of the first US expeditions to summit the mountain. Today Reed’s father is attempting to relive that historical ascent of the West Ridge with a group of climbers supported by Eddie Bauer. Click here for more details.

Emerald City FC is extremely grateful that Reed’s dad took the time to take a picture with an ECFC flag set on a prayer stone at base camp and to send the club this message …
“Emerald City FC, Greetings from Everest Base Camp. Our team is resting at BC before our next rotation up high on the West Ridge. Conditions prove more difficult than expected, with every step is earned with effort and a bit of suffering. Outstanding job on an excellent season and good luck this late spring. Keep the throttle down. Brent — at Everest Base Camp.”

The climbs of the Eddie Bauer teams are being covered by Outside Magazine and various blogs on site, here’s some audio that Reed’s mom, Kim, kindly posted
ECFC wish Brent Bishop and his team the best of luck as they will probably be making their ascent in the next few days.