Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jasper Malamud of ECFC M97 Green to play for Shattuck-St Marys Soccer Academy

Jasper - top row, 3rd player from right - ECFC M97 Green - U11
Emerald City FC would like to wish Jasper Malamud the very best of luck as he embarks on this new experience playing for the Soccer Academy of Shattuck St. Marys in Minnesota. Shattuck St Marys is a play and stay school that has produced a number of athletes in the recent past in soccer, hockey and golf. The U18 soccer team, last season, made it to the finals of the USSDA National finals for the first time in their schools history.

2013 team MVP Award
Jasper, co-captain of M97 Green, has been with ECFC since U10 and he embodies the values of Emerald City FC, a hard working player with an excellent work ethic. From Bobby Howe "Jasper has worked very hard to improve his game and I hope that his progress will serve as an incentive to all our players who aspire to excellence"

In Jasper's own words "I really enjoyed playing for Emerald City FC. The coaching staff has been fantastic. My first years were with Jon Matsushita. He had a great style and made playing — whether winning or losing — always instructive. He really motivated me to push myself. For the last two years I've been coached by Bobby Howe. He taught me new ways to approach the game, focusing on tactics and awareness. He helped me and my teammates make progress together — and his stories of playing professional soccer were always great. And of course over the years the players on my team have become some of my best friends. In some ways it's hard to imagine leaving, but I look forward to seeing and playing with them in the future."

ECFC would also like to thank Jaspers parents, Susan and Mark, for their support of not only their son, but also the teams Jasper has played on and for their dedication to ECFC over the years.

ECFC M97 Green U15 - 2013 PCSC Champions - Jasper, standing row, right most player