Monday, July 1, 2013

ECFC M95 Green fundraiser for National Premier League tournament in Colorado

We are so excited to be playing in the National Premier Leagues Championship Cup!

Last year we had a terrific season! We won the PSPL Washington State Premier League for our age group. That means we are going on to compete against teams from all over the United States at the National Premier League Champions Cup in Aurora, Colorado  - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Summer and Autumn Yard Cleaning
Emerald City U–18 Football Club
Hire a team of strong high school soccer players!
Clean up yard, garden, patio, basement or attic.
Labor includes hauling, moving furniture, cleaning, spreading mulch, dirt or compost and lawn care.
Contact us to schedule your clean up crew!
$50.00 per hour for team of two + adult supervisor
$80.00 per hour for team of four + adult supervisor
ALL proceeds fund ECFC U-18 Green @ the US Soccer NPL Championships