Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 Emerald City FC players High School achievements

Congratulations to all Emerald City FC players that took part in the 2011 High School season. Well done to all the players  that garnered all league honors.

2011 High School Soccer achievements
Jackson White (GK) - 4A - First Team (Garfield)
Sam Perkins (MF) - 4A - Second Team (Garfield)
Sofien El-Mehrik (MF)- 4A - Honorable Mention (Ballard)
Guy Thyer (F) - Metro Mountain - First Team (Lakeside)
Paul Piccano (D) - Metro Mountain - Second Team (Lakeside)
Keegan McChesney (MF) - Metro Mountain - Second Team (Bishop Blanchett)

Alex Woods (MF) - 3A/2A - Second Team (Mercer Island)
Sunjay Bhatia (MF) - 3A/2A - Honorable Mention (Interlake)

If we have missed your player from this list please email