Sunday, March 17, 2013

Emerald City FC team, M95 Green, featured in NPL NW round up

Emerald City FC M95 Green, headed to 2013 NPL Champions Cup

Boys U-17: Emerald City FC M95 Green (11-2-1)

With former West Ham United player and U.S. U-20 men’s national team coach Bobby Howe in charge, you’d expect Emerald City FC M95 Green to be a sharp group, and the team didn’t disappoint.

Second-place FCSC Boca Juniors took four points from their two head-to-head meetings, but outside of that, Howe’s bunch was too much. They led the division in goals scored (43) and fewest goals allowed (13) to win by a three-point margin.

"The Emerald City FC M95 Green team is very excited to participate in the NPL Champions Cup,” Howe said. “Not only will it represent our achievements in winning the Washington State Premier League, but it will also be the highlight of many of our players’ careers in youth soccer."

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