Monday, June 18, 2012

ECFC Parents and Club Members “All in!”

“All in!” That’s the sentiment of almost 60 Emerald City parents and guests as they showed their support of the club at the inaugural Emerald City Poker Shootout. The fundraising event raised almost $4400 for the Emerald City FC’s Scholarship Program.

The event was as much a social gathering as it was a competition. Shootout players had the opportunity to interact with members that covered a wide range of teams within the club, and to do so in a fun and relaxed social setting at Arena Sports, Magnuson. Several participants were heard to say that they enjoyed meeting other club members almost as much as playing and that they were looking forward to the next club event.

Emerald City FC would also like to thank all of the tremendous volunteers and generous donors whose efforts were invaluable to the success of the evening. Fundraising at Emerald City FC is an ongoing process and further donations, including individual player sponsorships, are encouraged and appreciated.

Please contact Amy Wakeman at or Steve Tanaka at or to donate on-line click here